Sunday, August 30, 2009

~~wut would u feel~~

huhuhu...what would you feel when you are in the middle of a fasting day trying to complete all your assignments and suddenly you felt wanted to go to the ladies and once you were there you found that you were abnormal bleeding...blood plus your urine...and after you had finished you felt very painful...a pain that you wouldn't know how to describe...and besides that you'll have to go to the ladies once in every 5 minutes...huhuhuhu...each 5 minutes made you feel the horrible that moment, i thought to myself, "how will i bear the pain while delivering my baby in the future?"huhuhuhu...thanks sayang for being there for me...


  1. rasenya..keinginan menjadi ibu akan mengatasi semua kesakitan tu..

    cewah! :p

  2. that is called UTI my dear. urinary tract infection. aku pernah kena last year. aaaa. gila2. tak mau kena lagi dah! sakitnya tak tertanggung. T.T

  3. ouch can't imagine the pain..


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